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Never in a million years

Elsie MacDonald is a client, who got in touch to continue therapeutic work after being involved in a peri-natal clinical psychology service for support with depression when she was pregnant and then for the first year of her daughter’s life. On listening to Truthbook, Elsie said she’d like to come on to share her behind the scenes. Elise has a one year old daughter Orla, and lives in in Strathblane, about 12 miles north of Glasgow, just beneath the Campsie Fells. She has just returned to work as a teaching assistant in a school for children with additional support needs after maternity leave. Outside of work she is a keen cook and enjoys the outdoors Elsie wanted to come on Truthbook because despite having a straightforward pregnancy in terms of physical health, she struggled with her mental health especially in the second half of the pregnancy. She was referred to the NHS peri-natal mental health service and the help she received from them made it possible for her to get through the pregnancy and survive that first year as a mum. When she was discharged from that service she was keen to continue with some kind of therapy to keep the conversation going, even though she was feeling very well. Elsie hopes that somebody somewhere might listen to this and gain some hope that things can get better, however dark you might be feeling. And that there is support out there.

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