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What if they find out I'm a nutcase?!

Updated: Mar 15, 2023

Rosie Gilderthorp is a mum to three kids (aged 6, 4.5 and 14 months), a Clinical Psychologist and Podcaster. She is the founder of The Psychology Business School and the Do More Than Therapy, which aim to help private psychologists grow their business so they can be as effective as possible in helping others. She also specialises in mental health support for pregnancy, birth and parenthood, having had her own experience of a crushing 9 months of pregnancy sickness! She does this whilst predominantly solo parenting as her husband is in the military and often away. We chat the ups and downs of not being able to multi-task (being extremely focused vs forgetting to pick your kids up), her experience of severe pregnancy sickness and impact on mental health, how we can break down barriers to seeking therapy and have a giggle at the image Rosie has of herself in one of the parent moments when you were glad no one was watching…

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