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Total Unconditional Love

Annette is my first Truthbook grandmother and wonderful yoga teacher. Annette’s words will warm your heart as she shares her experience of being ill as a child with an underactive thyroid, her passion for seeing the good in people and inclusivity and how this has been passed on through generations of her family, and her journey as a Grandmother.

Annette was introduced to yoga when she lived in a remote village in Bali in 1975 and has been teaching yoga and Pilates in Australia since 1994. She specialises in yoga for people with physical disabilities such as MS, cancer, immune disorders and intellectual disabilities. Most recently she specialises is people with lymphatic and immune system disorders. She is passionate about enabling students to access Yoga whatever their condition. She is highly qualified and informed, having done a masters in medical sciences researching the effects of yoga on women with secondary arm lymphoedema from breast cancer. Having earned a well deserved reputation in the field of rehabilitation she is a sought after speaker nationally and internationally.

Talking to Annette was so re-affirming and I was left feeling like I do after her yoga sessions- grounded, soothed and seeing the best in people.

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