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Christmas Special

Here we are, with Christmas only a few sleeps away only it looks a little bit different this year. Thank goodness Santa is an essential worker and is COVID safe to deliver presents!

So, with many of us not spending Christmas how we normally would, with family & friends, I’d like to try & connect through shared stories.  Thank you so much for sharing your words on what Christmas means to you, Santa stories and the Elf on the Shelf antics, Christmas mishaps and what Christmas will be like for you this year…

This podcast is accompanied by the wonderful Pippa Reid Foster, playing a Christmas Medley on harp. Pippa is an acclaimed musician and teacher based in my home town, Helensburgh, Scotland. She has embraced lock down teaching on line (I have been getting whistle lessons in Oz over facetime!) and writing music. Here's  Pippa’s website and links to where you can buy her music...

Merry Christmas and I look forward to bringing more Turthbook episodes in 2021...

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