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Moving, bouncing back from failure and inappropriate humour

I'm chatting to Kate who lived in Helensburgh in Scotland for two years back in 2017, the town I call my home. And now I live in Brisbane, the city Kate calls her home! Kate is a midwife, working with aboriginal families, mother to James (who is a proper grown up now and a semi-professional musician!), Zala her teenager and Xavier her rapidly growing up 8 year old. Her husband, Clint, had me in stitches as the first person to say ‘g’day mate’ whilst flipping a burger on the BBQ.

We chat about moving your family to other side of the world, bouncing back from failure, working with aboriginal mothers and how being compassionate can help to restore us when we are feeling stretched. As well as a good dose of laughter…Although Kate, was a little worried that her dark sense of humour might not be everyone’s cup of tea!

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