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Parenting moments and working mum guilt

My first podcast interview, with Vanessa Bell 😆 Vanessa is mum to three girls; 12,11 and 8 years old. She set up her own tax business 18 months ago, after 20 years of working for someone else and a 5 year gap from working, being full time mum. Our paths crossed when Vanessa started doing the accounts for my husband and she has also supported and encouraged me setting up my own business running parent workshops. We were both nervous but soon forgot the microphones and delved into some really honest conversation. 

We talk about those parenting moments you wished hadn’t happened but you have learnt from, the glow you feel when you hear your child has been kind or well behaved, how she values being a working mum but at the same time feels guilty. And we discover an unknown truth about Vanessa… Links: See more about Vanessa's tax business @

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